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At Nilakkal, 15 km away from Pambha which is the base camp for the hill shrine, devotees, mostly women began checking vehicles amid heavy rain and asking women to go back. Despite a large deployment of police, no protester has been stopped from preventing women who were headed for the temple. A group of college students from Bengaluru were sent back.

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bags ysl replica Love can rattle you to your core, make you foolishly brave, turn you into sentimental fool. Love can leave you high and dry; it can also sneak up on you in the most unexpected places. Love is unpredictable, undeniable and terrifyingly vulnerable.. They don’t make things to last these days.One problem with the black and white is everything today is in widescreen so we do miss a few inches off the sides.I am passionate about this old technology mainly because of my lifelong interest and understanding of valve technology.Old TVs offer a challenging opportunity to test my skills.Skills that range from diagnosing a myriad of obscure faults to actually repairing and them. I also repair and re finish the wooden or Bakelite cases.I would ask people to not throw away these sets when they no longer work or are no longer wanted, but to get them restored!Jeffery Borinsky, LondonI think my 1936 vintage Marconi phone 702 TV is one of the oldest working TVs in the UK.It is the oldest TV in my collection, I have other sets dating from the 1930s to the 1960s but this one is special because of its age.I also have a colour set for watching modern programmes.More of your commentsI bought my first black and white TV, a 12 inch Bush portable, when I was 13 in 1973, having saved up my pocket money and paper round money, I just about managed to get it five miles home on the bus! It cost 66, which was fortune then for a schoolboy! Forty years on it still gives a good picture, albeit with a Freeview box tacked on. Oh for the days when they built things to last! David, BristolI love my black and white TV bags ysl replica.

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