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Canada Goose Jackets From ‘vetted’ to ‘verified’

canada goose coats on sale Notice anything different on CNN iReport?

canada goose clearance Today, we changed the banner on unapproved photos and videos from « Not uk canada goose outlet Vetted By CNN » to « Not Verified By CNN. » We decided to make the switch because the term « vetted » isn’t as widely understood and buy canada goose jacket cheap recognized as « verified, » especially as our community is located worldwide. While our verification process hasn’t changed, we hope that the shift in language will help to clarify what’s cleared by CNN and what isn’t.

canada goose coats We receive hundreds of iReports canada goose clearance sale a canadian goose jacket day, and only a canada goose store fraction of those are cleared and approved for CNN’s buy canada goose jacket non user generated networks and platforms, after a CNN producer fact checks and verifies the details of a story. When a story is approved, the « Not Verified for CNN » bar disappears and is replaced by a red « CNN iReport » bug that lets the community know a story has been cleared. Our producers uk canada goose also give iReport stories extra context, by Canada Goose Online adding producer notes with further details and/or additional quotes from the iReporter.

Canada Goose online Sometimes people post deliberately untrue stories on iReport about celebrity deaths or giant asteroids, for canada goose black friday sale example. Hoaxes are canada goose factory sale one of the risks of user generated content and we take them very seriously. In addition to changing the « Not Verified » banner, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our internal tools and workflows to better identify false content that may go viral. And as always, we encourage our users to flag any content they deem inappropriate.

canada goose deals Thankfully, the deliberately false stories are few and cheap canada goose uk far between. The most powerful stories, of course, are the true ones like Joe O’Neill’s touching video of a centenarian’s 80th college reunion; Raymond Angeles’ colorful portraits of Berlin Fashion Week protesters; and Palestinian American Naim Naif’s heartbreaking account of what it’s like to watch the ongoing Gaza conflict from afar. These are the stories worth sharing with the world.

canadian goose jacket We’re so thankful for all of you who are part of the iReport community, and look forward to telling more amazing stories canada goose outlet store together. If you have other suggestions on Canada Goose Outlet how canada goose uk outlet to improve the iReport experience, please let us Canada Goose online know in the comments below.

buy canada goose jacket cheap I think a clearer, fairer system is needed. However, canada goose coats on sale I am not sure the present terminology is correct, as ‘not verified’ is rather a pejorative expression for those who place Canada Goose Coats On Sale pride, effort and trust into CNN canada goose clearance iReport team to reward well constructed prose.

Canada Goose Parka Personally I take great pride and canada goose uk shop time in writing my reports. Reports I’ve written on topics broaching humanitarian, human interest and democratic spheres have been difficult to share. canada goose The community on social networking are justly less positive regarding my reports if they say ‘not verified’, although I’ve spent a great deal of time constructing the contents. I think a better, more egalitarian system to check for quality material is needed in future. I hope the situation improves. Thanks for your consideration!

canada goose store ( Nb.

canada goose clearance sale New York, NY I, Daniel Barani hereby institute a legal action against Mr. John Fiore, Joseph Tremenia, Rick Borgia, Michael Franzoni ors., employees of FBI, CIA, DOD and DHS for the violation of my civil liberties right. For the past eleven years, I have suffered the effects of physical torture and abuse unjustly meted out to me by the named security agents. As a matter of fact, I was falsely accused of being a terrorist and wrongfully detained because I am Kurdish. Indeed, I was arbitrarily tortured, surreptitiously searched, physically beaten and incarcerated in a maximum security without any due process or justifiable warrant. However, I was never charged with any offence and when I instituted a legal action against the perpetrators of this capricious act meted out to me, my case was denied and dismissed as a matter of so called « national security. »

Canada Goose Outlet To this day, I have been constantly threatened not to speak out but I refused to be gagged. The extent of damage done to me mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically has continued to lead my life on a downward spiral of instability. The world need to hear and know the truth as I seek justice concerning this matter because it happened to me, . . . who knows how many people out there like me suffering innocently and being silenced with gag orders in violation of their constitutional rights. As I speak to you right now, my phone is being bugged and my house kept under 24 hour surveillance in order to supress me from revealing the truth. Even while I was incarcerated, my foods and drinks were surreptitiously laced with a prohibited drug known as lysergic acid diethylamide (CIA CODE NAME: LSD MK ULTRA) which the perpetrators used for mind control experiments and manipulations towards their targets (like me) who are profiled as terrorists. As such, I am being monitored and kept under surveillance 24/7 cheap Canada Goose through the micro chip that was illegally implanted in my left hand by the named agents.

Canada Goose sale As Canada Goose sale a result, my Canada Goose Parka health has been degenerating as I canada goose coats continue to suffer multiple forms of harassments, threats and Canada Goose Jackets oppression from the named agents insisting that they will destroy my life in order to hide the truth. Without mixing words, I hereby call and seek for the unwavering support of the Press, Human rights organizations especially the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and all citizens of good will to expose the despicable and illegal acts of these public officials to the whole world. I am a living victim All I want is canada goose uk black friday for these culprits to be brought to Justice! I have already briefed my Attorney and he will be releasing the court summons soon.

canada goose black friday sale I’ve already filled my lawsuits at White Plains Courthouse on 21st of April 2015. I would greatly appreciate the strong support and assistance of the media towards achieving my cause. laws and regulations, which may be different from the laws and regulations of your home country. By registering for this service, you are consenting to this collection, storage, and use.

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