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15 minutes of fame over

Funny how a stock market crash and the failure of a few big investment banks will distract Americans from the flavor of the day. There doesn seem to be the burning interest in who moncler outlet prices makes Sarah Palin glasses that there was even a few days ago.

Former White House adviser and Republican strategist Karl Rove told the Associated Press this week that the Palin phenomenon cheap moncler jackets womens will fade moncler sale online between now and the election. And that may already be happening. Suddenly following the big bounce Sarah Palin and John McCain got coming out of their convention, Barack Obama is once again moving ahead in the national polls. Obama a heavy favorite when it comes to handling the economy, and the crisis in the nation financial system may have helped him.

Plus Sarah Palin has said she will refuse to cooperate in the investigation into her firing of Alaska Public Safety Commissioner, she has said some awkward things during interviews and campaign appearances, and a recent CBS news poll shows only 42 percent of Americans think she is prepared to be vice president.

Here’s my question to you: Is Sarah Palin ?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Wendy from Harrisonburg, Virginia writes:

Sarah Palin 15 minutes of fame is totally over. It was a moment of fascination because people were curious about who she was, and really wanted her to moncler outlet store be a new Hillary Clinton. Except that she is not. She is beauty queen who has no credentials and no understanding of what this country needs.

Dave from British Columbia writes:

Sarah Palin is a moncler outlet sale metaphor for all that is wrong with America. Somewhere in our lifetime the packaging and pretty ribbons became more important than actual content. This is true when it comes to buying a book, moncler womens jackets seeing a movie, a good meal or buying food at your local moncler outlet online super market. Until this changes, America will remain in trouble.

Sarah Palin 15 minutes of fame is absolutely not over. Having her on the Republican ticket is huge. John McCain was very smart when he decided to choose her as his running mate. She is a Washington outsider, unlike her counterpart, Senator Biden. Sarah has had more executive experience than Senator Obama, and Senator Biden combined.

Sarah Palin star is fading fast. She went from a phenom, to a Saturday Night Live joke and now is just another lying politician. She said she was an open book with her Troopergate issue, but now the cat got her tongue. On November 5th, all the Republicans will be jumping on the bandwagon saying that McCain could have won the White House if it wasn for Palin, her husband and her controversial issues put lipstick on that!

I hope moncler usa not. Getting back to important issues and solving the country problems seems boring compared to pregnant teenagers, nasty emails, lipstick on things, snowmobile races, pork wars, and SNL skits.

I sure as heck hope so. It is very hard moncler uk outlet to try to listen to her SHRILL voice. It kinda like someone running their fingernails on a black board. All she does is tell everyone how uk moncler sale great and humble the grinning McCain is. Over and over andd over. She has a role to play and it is being McCains national cheerleader. Pretty sad that his campaign had to promise someone the VP slot to help toot his horn.

I have a feeling that if McCain does not have enough favors owed to him and the investigation into Palin in Alaska proceeds and is concluded before the election Her Noisieness will be forced to go back to Alaska. With that voice they can probably hear her all the way to Russia.

And yes, Sarah Palin 15 minutes of fame is pretty much over. You need to know your business, before you can sell to the public. And, with her interview, with Charlie Gibson, shows how very little she knows. She gave the Republicans the bounce that they needed how McCain, who is running for President, cannot get the crowds excited about him. I now think, that the bounce has gone flat, and, I just loved how, when she talked yesterday, that she said the Palin/McCain administration. I think that she definitely needs to wake up from that dream and face reality. I know that the rest of sure have!

September 19, 2008 at 2:35 pm

I don understand it. Maybe because I don know how the press works. But isn it strange to have a press corp. following around a person like Sarah cheap moncler sale who unwilling to answer NOT ONE %$ Question. Even if I wanted to vote for the lady, I don know who she is or what she stands for. She lie a McCainbot with a prerecorded casset tape shoved in her mouth. I think the press should just not board the plane with her cheap moncler jackets or John for a while and then they will have to answer some dame questions. It damn rediculous.

September 19, 2008 at 2:35 check over here moncler outlet pm

Yes it is. People are tired of listening to she and her campaign discuss lipstick, glasses, stolen e mails, avoiding legal action in Alaska, looking at Russia from a mountain, Levi is the babydaddy, Cindy’s bones picked clean by Barbara, canceling Larry King, dinosaurs, Tucker mad at Campbell, Hillary this Hillary that, imprisoned in a box, hockey, bridges, John mad at Carly, ice rinks, polar bears, jets, chefs, premarital sex,, basketball, Paris and moncler sale Britney, Michele is a traitor, Obama rhymes with Osama so he must be a terrorist, and beauty contests. People want solutions to real problems.

No, I don think Sarah Palin Minutes of Fame are over. The polls have settled down. Barack Obama convention bounce came moncler online store back to earth and so did John McCain

I wonder why you aren asking the same question about Barack Obama? Is his Minutes of Fame over? The media best moncler jackets has been doing their best to hype his candidacy. They have spent more time in Alaska trying to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin in 2 weeks than they have spent investigating Barack Obama in the 19 months he been running. Despite the media doing their best to bring down Gov. Palin while cheerleading for Senator Obama, the polls are still very close.

It was only a matter of time and exposure that Sarah Palin would be discovered as somebody that has no business anywhere near moncler outlet woodbury being a heart beat away from becoming moncler outlet President. The state of the economy will help in her demise as Thinking Americans realize whats at stake here. Four more years of the same will be bad and even runs the risk this time of ruining the country. Palin ran a small community into debt just imagine what she could do to a whole country. A vote for John McCain is like rolling the dice hoping cheap moncler jackets mens he will live long enough to finish his term so Sarah doesn become President. From where I sit thats a gamble your country can afford.

Sarah Palin refusal to meet with members of the press at both the national and local level is one of the main reasons that Americans are starting to see through her nomination. John McCain had been known as a darling for years, appearing as a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart more then any other person, and now his running mate moncler sale outlet refuses to speak to trained professional journalists expect in 2 week intervals. It ridiculous, especially for a person that was unknown nationally until less then a month ago and unknown uk moncler outlet to the majority discount moncler jackets of people in cheap moncler coats mens her home state until less then two years ago.

Americans can see through the blanket claims of in the media as the stalling tactic it is for an unprepared running mate and can see Russia from Alaska is a now a national punchline.

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