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canada goose coats Ghosts in the Basement

canada goose store Not an abandoned building. And not in a creepy canada goose clearance forest. Actually the most seemingly common canada goose uk outlet place for ghosts to haunt is in an attic or a basement near you! Think about it, have you ever heard a really good ghost story? So many canada goose uk black friday of the best scary stories told around the campfire mention that ghostly woman in the attic or the evil that lurks canada goose store in the basement.

Canada Goose Outlet Perhaps you’ve even experienced a haunting in your life. Maybe you remember canada goose uk shop your grandmother’s attic being extremely spooky, or maybe you actually saw a ghost living Canada Goose Coats On Sale under the basement stairs. Whatever your ghost in the attic or ghost in the basement story, one thing is for sure. Ghosts enjoy haunting bone chillingly spooky places. there have been hundreds of stories about ghosts in the basement.

Canada Goose sale Usually the darker spirits are associated with being the ghosts in the basement. When I say this, I mean that you typically hear stories of angry and territorial ghosts in the basement, rather than neutral, residual energy type ghosts. canadian goose jacket I even have my own experience with ghosts in the basement, and it coincides with this same pattern of ghostly basement behavior. My Canada Goose Parka story goes like this. The house was pretty, but also very creepy for many reasons. The particular reason for my fear of this house was the basement. canada goose coats on sale Every time I had to do laundry in the basement I would never allow my back to be turned towards the open air canada goose coats (I always had my back up against a wall for fear that something would grab me from behind). And these sensations only got stronger after messing around with ouija boards in that buy canada goose jacket same house that very Canada Goose sale year. Come to find out one of the previous residents was into some pretty dark magic while he lived in that house. Could that have been why I felt such a negative presence in the basement? Luckily we moved out of the house shortly thereafter, and I haven’t had a ghost in the basement story since (I live in Florida now where there are no basements!)

Canada Goose Parka Some of the ghosts in the basement stories canada goose factory sale I’ve heard are much more frightening than my own. Some people have even Canada Goose Jackets caught ghosts in the basement on camera (check out the video directly following this section).

canada goose black friday sale Another ghost in the basement story tells of a ghost in canada goose the basement who actually plays cheap canada goose uk with a little boy. The little boy is seen talking to someone invisible while in the basement, and everyone shrugs it off as an imaginary friend. Everyone who lived in that apartment building was fearful of the basement, these were grown buy canada goose jacket cheap adults scared to go into a basement.

canada goose clearance sale So how about your basement? Do you have something evil lurking below. A vague rattling of chains. The distant sound of music drifting down from above. Could there be ghosts in your attic?

canada goose clearance Probably even more popular than the ghosts in the basement stories are the hundreds of stories of ghosts in the attic. These attics could be in the oldest houses in the world, or even attics in some of the newest homes.

canada goose coats on sale Maine is a beautiful state, but it is not devoid of its ghostly stirrings in the night. In the town of South Portland, there is an old yet beautiful Victorian home that was a part of a college campus. On many occasions, the residents of the house would hear animal like noises coming from the attic scratching, clawing, running, and thumping. And every time traps were set in the uk canada goose outlet attic to get rid of these animals, nothing was ever caught and only strange tracks were found by the traps in the dust. The Hillside Dorm has a history behind it it’s been a funeral home, a brothel, and a nursing home since its establishment. The students and other residents of the home believe that an old woman and a little boy both haunt the dorm and perhaps the attic is Canada Goose Online their favorite spot. Paranormal investigators have gone in to investigate and caught EVPs of an old woman talking.

canadian goose jacket The May Stringer House in Brooksville, Florida has been known to be haunted for many years. It is now a museum full of antiques and War collectibles. There is a little girl who died in the May Stringer House in the 1800s, and her name was Jessie May. Jessie is said to be heard crying in the Canada Goose Outlet darkest corners of the attic at night, and she has also been seen peering out the attic window. Her toys in her old room coat have been moved unexplicably on more than one occasion, freaking out the women who work at canada goose clearance sale the museum. But in addition to poor Jessie May’s ghost in the attic, canada goose black friday sale there might be another ghost haunting it. This ghost in the uk canada goose attic is known as simply « Mr. Nasty ». When Mr. Many EVPs have been collected in this house, and in particular emanating from the attic. You can hear a little girl’s voice on many of them, either crying, asking for help, or asking for « cake ».

buy canada goose jacket cheap Ghosts favorite spots?So do you still think a ghost’s favorite spot is the graveyard? Or are there more ghosts in the attic and the basement than anywhere else in haunted history?

canada goose Perhaps it is the fact that the attic and Canada Goose online basement are the empty spots in our homes, perhaps that is why the residual energy or actual lost souls collect in these places. Maybe they want to be close to us, but maybe they also cheap Canada Goose want their space. Or is it possible that the ghosts in the attic enjoy the attic because it is closer to Heaven? Maybe the reason why the ghosts in the basement are of a more negative vibration is because it is closer to Hell.

buy canada goose jacket Tell me if you’ve ever had an experience with ghosts in the attic or ghosts in the basement. I have always been frightened of basements. Love being in the South where basements aren’t a terror any longer! 🙂

canada goose deals I grew up in Portland, Oregon in an old farmhouse. We had an attic and a basement. No ghosts, but I did have a basement bedroom and there were plenty of rats running around.

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