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moncler jackets outlet online Russia’s young people are Putin’s biggest fans moncler jackets outlet online

moncler jackets kids Yekaterina Mamay, 20, a journalism student from Kurgan, Russia, knows that the press in her country is not free, but she plans to vote to reelect Vladimir Putin in the country’s presidential election March 18. (Ksenia Ivanova for The Washington Post)In Russia’s upcoming presidential election, the 20 year old student, who best moncler jackets knows that journalism in her country is cheap moncler jackets not free, will cheap moncler coats mens nonetheless vote to reelect Vladimir Putin.Here, where the forest of the taiga meets the grassy steppe, the moncler sale « Putin Generation » is no different from anywhere else across Russia’s vastness: coming of age without a rebellious streak. Today’s Russian young adults have no memory of life before Putin, who first took power as their president 18 years ago. Some have taken to the streets in moncler outlet woodbury protest, but social scientists say many more have grown to accept him. Polls show that Putin enjoys greater support among youth than among the public at large.To Western eyes, moncler sale outlet young Russians such as Mamay who espouse some liberal values but back Putin live in a world of contradictions. In fact, their readiness to accept those contradictions helps explain Putin’s grip on power. »You realize that it’s good to live with him. You don’t complain, » Dmitry Shaburov, an 18 year old budding entrepreneur, said of Putin. « When moncler womens jackets I wake up in my apartment, no one takes me to the Gulag. »Dmitry Shaburov, 18, is a budding entrepreneur from Kurgan, Russia, and a Putin supporter. He has batted back the opposition thanks to his control over Russia’s main television channels, the security services and the judiciary but also because, as even many of his opponents acknowledge, most of the moncler outlet store country moncler usa supports him.According to a December survey by moncler uk outlet independent polling firm Levada Center, 81 percent of adults approve of Putin as president including 86 percent of Russians 18 to 24 years old. Among the age group, 67 percent told Levada uk moncler outlet they believed the country was going in the right direction, compared to 56 percent of the general public.Putin first took office as the countrys president 18 years ago. In a survey of more than 6,000 Russian university students last year, more than 47 percent said they would vote for Putin in the moncler outlet prices presidential election, compared to 7 percent who chose opposition leader discount moncler jackets Alexei Navalny, the No. 2 candidate among the responses. (Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)Rather than dwell on Putin’s crackdown on his opponents, young Russians draw a sense of personal liberty cheap moncler sale from those freedoms they do enjoy a mostly open Internet, an open job market and open borders. aggression. And perhaps most important, these Russians seem shaped by a collective history they never knew by fear of a return of the crisis stricken 1990s or the stifling Soviet era. »We already know everything about him, » Pavel Rybin, 20, who is studying event management, moncler online store said of Putin. « If now the people elect him again, everything will be cheap moncler jackets mens quiet and calm. »Young Russians made headlines in the past year for forming the backbone of thousands strong street protests backing opposition leader Alexei Navalny, inspired by the youthful anti corruption activist’s YouTube videos spotlighting apparent wrongdoing. But analysts warn it’s wrong to take those protests as a sign of a wave of anti Putin fury reminiscent Moncler Outlet of the Arab Spring. »There is no critical mass of people demanding radical change, » political scientists Ivan Krastev and Gleb Pavlovsky write this month cheap moncler jackets womens for the European Council of Foreign Relations. « Contrary to Western fantasies, Russians under the age of 25 are among the most conservative and pro Putin groups in society. »One of the main streets of Kurgan, a city uk moncler sale of about 300,000. (Ksenia Ivanova for The Washington Post)Motivations for support The stories of three young people in Kurgan a city of about 300,000 on the Trans Siberian Railway near the Kazakh border help explain why. All three are voting for Putin out of a mix of hope, resignation and fear.Their reasoning begins with a visceral sense of a darker, poorer past. In the 1990s before Putin came to power lawlessness in Kurgan was such that innocent locals could get killed simply for sitting in the wrong seat on a bus or in a movie theater, Mamay recalls her grandmother telling her when she was little.Later, moncler sale online her father a firefighter told her grandfather, « I live better than you, and I hope that my children will live better than me. » Mamay says she now has the same hope for her own future in Putin’s Russia. »These will probably be small, small improvements, » Mamay said. « But that’s better than if some person comes to power who won’t be able moncler outlet sale to keep everything in balance. »Mamay wants to be a journalist, but she says the press in Russia is not free. She follows the news on Meduza, a Latvian based Russian language news outlet frequently critical of Putin. Privately owned news outlets sell their reporting to the highest bidder, while state television amounts to government propaganda, she said. »That’s probably how the media works everywhere, » Mamay said. « They’re trying to make us think poorly of America. I figure that in America, they are doing the same, trying to make people think poorly of Russians. »A Russian campaign flag bearing Putins image hangs on the balcony of an apartment building in Moscow on Feb. 22. Putin is expected to win the upcoming election. (Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images)It was Putin, when Mamay was little, who forced some of Russia’s richest men to yield control of the country’s main television networks. But she doesn’t fault the president for Russia’s stifled media atmosphere. In fact, she recently found a way to practice her chosen craft. She joined the local Vladimir Putin youth fan club as its press secretary.Shaburov, the 18 year old entrepreneur, recently moved from the countryside to Kurgan, where he first tried to make ends meet by delivering sushi and pizza and working as a taxi driver. His latest venture is called « crowd investing, » and he said he was hoping to move to Moscow to take advantage moncler outlet online of the greater opportunities in the capital.He said he realizes that Russia offers its citizens fewer freedoms than Western countries do and that Putin may have something to do with this. But he prefers to focus on the freedoms he does have, such as being able to start a business and traveling abroad. »There are jobs. You can do whatever you want. You can travel moncler outlet wherever you want, » Shaburov said. « The borders are all open before you and this truly makes me happy. » moncler jackets kids.

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