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canada goose How To Handle The 5 Most Awkward Money Situations Casey Bond zoetermeerinbeeld , GOBankingRates Mar. 13, 2014, 4:39 PM Flickr/BingThere are few emotions that elicit the same stomach-churning, cheek-burning response as embarrassment. All it takes is one awkward moment to ruin your day, and ability to look the other person straight in the face ever again. And of all the awkward situations we can encounter, awkward money situations tend to be some of the worst. Below is a look at the most common, awkward money situations and how to handle them gracefully, so your relationship and wallet remain intact. 1. You’re asked to donate to yet another charity. According to the Awkward Money Moments Survey by, 34 percent of respondents said being pressured to donate to a charity on behalf of a co-worker, family member or friend is the most awkward situation. « I know it happens to my wife and me all the time, » Certified Financial Planner, Hal Bundrick, told GOBankingRates. « It can really get to be a burden, and the fact is, you just can’t say ‘yes’ to everyone and stay on budget. » Bundrick, who founded personal finance site, explained simply declining is the best approach to dealing with this awkward money situation. « Simply replying ‘Sorry, I just can’t help this time’ with a smile, but without further excuses or explanation, usually works best, » he advised. If you still feel awkward about flat-out declining, consider setting aside an annual budget toward donations. Once you’ve reached your limit, you can explain to friends and co-workers that you are sorry, but you have already used your charity budget for the year. 2. An unreliable family member or friend asks to borrow money.Lending money to family or friends is a generally sticky situation I always recommend avoiding. The problem is that lending money to a person changes your relationship from personal to business. You are now a lender and the other person your debtor Canada Goose outlet online , a dynamic that can easily strain a relationship. Still, it can still be hard to say no to someone you’re close with who is reaching out for help, even if that person has demonstrated a history of poor money management. So if you’re waffling, consider the story Bruce Specter told me: A few months ago, my sister called distressed, as our cousin in Florida asked to borrow $1,000. This happened just before they were to go on a Caribbean cruise together. My sister was mortified as she watched our cousin go on a shopping spree, most likely with my sister’s hard-earned money. Needless to say it severely damaged their relationship and I refuse to talk to her anymore. To avoid situations like this, Association of Christian Financial Advisors Executive Director, Rob Drury, suggested thinking of a loan between family or friends (if you choose to extend one) as a gift instead so there’s no resentment if it’s never paid back. « It is simply not worth risking a cherished relationship, » he said. « If the beneficiary chooses to consider it a loan and pay it back, so be it. If the money is paid back, there is a strengthening of trust; if not, the benefactor can have the satisfaction of helping someone important to him. » 3. Your roommates aren’t pulling their weight financially. Most adults have had to live with a roommate at some point in their lives, and have likely experienced the common pains of living with a semi-stranger. And often, the biggest stress points stem from money-related issues

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