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Earlier this week, I went to an AMA Detroit (American Marketing Association) event at Joe Louis Arena. The event began with a behind the scenes tour of the arena. Being in property management, I was analyzing the facility the entire time. I was surprised how well the facility was maintained. However, it was clear that minimal investment and capital improvements have been done over the years.After the tour, keynote speaker Rob Mattina, vice president of marketing for Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Red Wings, gave his presentation. Most of his presentation was about how they successfully create an integrated marketing and communication strategy with fans and partners. He stressed that their strategy focuses on selling an « experience » not winning or losing games. However best replica hermes bags , when audience questions began it couldn’t help but lead to discussion about the new hockey arena.Mattina said that they have worked with Dan Gilbert’s companies to create a new state-of-the-art, tech-savvy « experience » at the new arena. He began by telling us that the National Hockey League now requires all arenas to have wireless internet service for all fans (which Joe Louis Arena currently does not have). He also mentioned a list of ideas that are currently being discussed:A new POS system that would engage fans. This includes app(s) that may allow fans to order food and beverages to their seat without having to leave the game.An app that would allow fans to communicate directly with the scoreboard to engage in contests and social media.A customer loyalty program that would offer rewards by shopping at Ilitch-owned businesses such as: Little Caesars Pizza, Motor City Casino, Fox Theatre, Comerica Park, and the new hockey arena.These are a few of the many ideas that are being considered. However, I am confident that if two Detroit forces like Gilbert and Ilitch team up there’s no doubt this will be unlike any hockey arena in the country.Clarification: This blog was changed throughout to make it clear there is no official relationship between Dan Gilbert’s companies and the Red Wings or Ilitches when it comes to producing technology for the new arena, and that the ideas presented were speculative. Recent From DEREK WEAVER Gilbert

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