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moncler outlets usa Talking to one of the devs he best described it as a « snapshot in time, of a earlier cheap moncler sale simpler TF2. » Their aim is to be pre mannconomy TF2 uk moncler sale before everything went south and valve really started not giving a crap. Right now it all stock weapons till they fix things, the good news is they looking for help with moncler usa things and the project is open sourced so the more help they get the faster things get fixed. Also judging from the moddb page they seem to be very moncler outlet prices helpful in setting up the mod as well as communicating with people. What do you guys think?To be fair 2007 TF2 doesn have airblast or building hauling and Vintage is going for a set time in TF2 history instead of the « What if we made TF2 » route Classic is going for. It weird how you guys bring up classic because Vintage has had problems primarily with the developers who are really upset vintage stole their remaining playerbase from them. So far the only people who have really had anything negative to say about the cheap moncler jackets womens mod tend to turn out to be part of the dev moncler outlet team inner circlejerk and even then those people still downloaded and play Vintage because moncler outlet store no one else is on. In fact one of the server hosts left TF2C to put up a vitnage server because no one was playing. Though he purposely left it a buggy mess to try to shunt people to classic. I dunno looking at it classic and vitnage are vying for two different routes and technically all the gamemodes classic offers are custom in TF2 and more fleshed out, Espionage is just TTT. Deathmatch is FFA Arena (which I know I not the only one who finds a FFA gamemode out of place in a game based around teams am I?) and their chinese bootleg of VSH. moncler outlets usa

moncler coats for kids Another Issue I know is a lot of the people playing vintage have had a sour taste left in their mouth by classic development team. I personally cheap moncler coats mens remember once one of the moncler womens jackets classic devs came into a server back when a lot of us were playing classic, gave himself uber and started basically becoming « no fun allowed ». I find it odd that people from 8chan have been so friendly as you figure they be hostile to people not part of their « sekrit club » but it been fun, while vintage has moncler outlet woodbury it issues it still playable. More so than classic which seems to be unable to run certain retail TF2 maps like CP_sunshine. Funny enough even people on facepunch had positive things to say about it and you figure it wouldn since that site is more or less their home turf. Still different strokes for different folks. What I mean by « Classic playerbase » is I been playing with the 8ch guys fro mthe start and there were times TF2C people would come in and be really passive aggressive and despite all their griping typically played. Not for long most of them seemed really bad and would after a few deaths afk before disconnecting. I also guess you didn look hard because it really is just Trouble in moncler sale online Terrorist Town from Gmod with a TF2 skin. just with new roles. I wouldn call TF2C following the quake roots when it barely there to begin with, it more like they started work on making the TFC gamemode for TF2, made it it own thing and started focusing more on their own content. Again there seems to be some sort of grudge here since 8ch is just another 4chan offshoot, just with more jaded people it seems. Nobody really uses it for anything other than that the devs don want us meming about in the public one so people migrated there. I stick around because a lot of the devs are there too, and some funny shit gets posted sometimes. I don know if that was moncler sale outlet a lame attempt at me, but it pretty common knowledge that Alpha discord is pretty much just meant for shitposting and circlejerking about Quake and Doom. moncler coats for kids

moncler jackets outlet online Also, what in the world are you trying to say about Espionage? The game mode to my knowledge has been pretty much entirely scrapped, and saying it « TTT but with new skins and roles » is pretty much admitting that it a semi original concept, albeit heavily inspired by the GMod gamemode. You might as well have said « Counter Strike: Global Offensive is just Half Life 2 Deathmatch but with different gamemodes, teams, and weapons! » moncler jackets outlet online

moncler coats Yeah, I associated with moncler outlet online the chans and that why I assumed you were from there. Not really a reach at all, considering people from 8Chan have raided the public Cheap moncler jacket discord and the Redchanit one in the past, and also because you trying so hard to get people interested in a game made by a few code choppers on 8Chan. moncler coats

buy moncler jackets toronto On the topic of TF2C players vintage, a lot of people have gotten in hot shit for doing it and devs have told people to stop. Also I personalyl don care about your discord server, I just found it interesting that you actually have a connection to a source of what best put as an irritant in best moncler jackets both communities. Akin to a mosquito bite more than anything. As for memes from what I know since alpha is what has been called a « /pol/ larper » and having seen the /cow/ entry I think it really does stand taht anyone associated with him is Jeb bush tier. Again you making more assumptions because by that logic we should all be playing DOOM or Quake since HL is just a modification of Quake with new stuff and Quake was a more advanced version of DOOM since they both use at their core the same engine. As for « exposing » you I just wanted to put it out there because To any other redditor passing by without context it is going to look like someone genuinely upset with vintage instead of something stirring up moncler outlet sale shit for the sake of it. Also cheap moncler jackets mens Espionage is still going, they recently announced a janitor of all things as the newest class for the mode. A trip over to facepunch reveals that much. buy moncler jackets toronto

moncler jackets men As for « raids » on the discords I think you guys brought it upon yourselves for your negative beahviour. If I moncler sale remember correctly didn you try to rally your discord to contact valve to c/d vintage when both vintage and classic use basically stolen source code as a moncler online store basis for their respective mods. So if they had actually gone through with it it would have sunken both people and I think vintage would have an advantage in that since the devs are anons there is no one to cheap moncler jackets really swing at. Alpha moncler uk outlet sometimes annoys me but he doesn seem too bad, at worst a little bit sensitive. What logic are you pointing out? I never discount moncler jackets said that TF2C needs to be uk moncler outlet Quake, a Deathmatch mode in an FPS really isn that strange and I don understand why 8Channers think it some big evil deviation from the genre moncler jackets men.

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