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canada goose clearance sale Time to Abandon the Middle Classes

No surprise, then, that yesterday’s supplements had cleared acres of space for a survey suggesting that seven out of 10 Brits now describe themselves as ‘middle class’.

« So we’re ALL middle class now (or so 7/10 think, as climbing the social ladder soars in popularity) » was the Mail on Sunday take on the online poll of 2000 people conducted by BritainThinks.

« The popularity of being middle class appears to seal the victory of 1980s Thatcherism, which championed the values of property ownership and self canada goose clearance reliance that canada goose clearance sale are now nearly universal, » the paper concluded.

canada goose black friday sale My concern is that the results of asking people if they regard themselves as middle class may not, actually, tell us very much at all. The point about self definition is that it relates not only to who we think we are but also to who we think we are not. Identity, our sense of self, implies that we can put a fence around Canada Goose Jackets our characteristics and say canadian goose jacket that those outside the boundary are Canada Goose sale « not one of us ».

Canada Goose Outlet I remember the exercise in my school maths uk canada goose lesson where the class had to draw a Venn diagram cheap canada goose uk incorporating eye colour, hair colour and height. No one wanted to be the kid whose features were an isolated island, separate from the mainstream.

canada goose deals Defining oneself as middle class is saying one is not working class or upper class. Canada Goose Outlet Virtually no one in the survey described themselves as ‘upper class’. God forbid! I don’t know whether any Dukes or minor royals were among the 2,000 respondents, but who would want to associate themselves with a social group whose cultural status is generally thought to have been inherited from Canada Goose online the blood or bank balance of Mummy and Daddy? The use of the word « upper » seems to imply arrogance and superiority quite un British.

« Working class », a handle accepted by one out of four Britons, has associations with the tribal politics of the 20th Century but also, as canada goose the Mail article implies, with lower aspirations. Once the canada goose uk black friday working classes would have dressed differently blue collar rather than white and the jobs they did would be canada goose canada goose clearance sale uk outlet manual rather than sedentary. There was a powerful sense of group identity associated with the noble virtues of hard work and the struggle to make ends meet.

canada goose clearance The notion of the ‘working class’ has changed

Today, many of the occupations paying minimum wage are service jobs call centres, contract cleaning, office security and catering. Low paid workers often wear a uniform, a suit, even a tie. They may be indistinguishable from the middle classes waiting for the bus to the office. The nobility of the proletariat has been diluted in canada goose factory sale the social emulsion of sameness.

Canada Goose sale Being middle class in Britain, therefore, is about not being upper or working class. It says I am not some snooty aristocrat, nor am I a canada goose black friday sale class warrior or a couch potato. I have get up and go, determination and spirit. Who wouldn’t want to be that?

Which is why I think it is time to abandon this notion of middle class. It is an almost useless expression, so vague that even the BritainThinks uk canada goose outlet pollsters were obliged to sub divide it.

Canada Goose online « The survey is canada goose store clear that the 71% ‘middle canada goose coats class’ are not a homogenous group, but fall into canada goose coats on sale six distinctive segments » they claim. How polling companies love their « distinctive segments ».

cheap Canada Goose We are introduced to Bargain Hunters and Squeezed Strugglers, Comfortable Greens and Urban Networkers, Deserving Downtimers and Disciplinarians. Political strategists are encouraged to believe that only if buy canada goose jacket they find a message to appeal to the latest manifestation of Worcester Woman or Mondeo Man can they guide their party to victory.

buy canada goose jacket cheap In reading all the stories yesterday, I was reminded of some work done by another polling company, Ipsos MORI, for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation looking at attitudes to poverty in 2009 in the midst of the recession.

Canada Goose Jackets Focus groups of working adults from across the income range were assembled. Canada Goose Parka However, « participants demonstrated a strong tendency to place themselves in the ‘middle’ of the income distribution ».

« For most of the participants in our discussion groups, it is people ‘like them’, whom they perceive to be in the broad ‘middle’ of the income spectrum, who seem to be undergoing a particularly difficult time. In their words, it is the ‘middle band of people’ who ‘get forgotten’, who ‘suffer the worse’ and who are ‘worse Canada Goose Online off’, losing out to both top and bottom. »

canadian goose jacket Ipsos MORI also sub divided this « middle » group into « Traditional Egalitarians and Traditional Free marketeers », « The Angry Middle » and « Post ideological Liberals ».

This would seem to be further evidence that the phrase canada goose uk shop « middle class » is such a catch all that we might as well ask people whether they are, in yet more sociological jargon, « strivers » or cheap Canada Goose « skivers ».

canada goose coats on sale Comment number 1. At 12:45 21st Mar 2011, This is a colleague announcement wrote: The defining factor in being middle class is of being free from the buy canada goose jacket cheap precarity of the labour market.

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canada goose store Comment number 2. At 12:55 21st Mar 2011, afcone wrote: When David Cameron (Old Etonian, grandson of a Baronet, millionaire) refers to ‘middle class parents like me’, then you know the term is now meaningless.

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Canada Goose Parka Comment Canada Goose Coats On Sale number 3. At 13:15 21st Mar 2011, This is a colleague announcement wrote: 2. At 12:55pm on 21st Mar 2011, afcone wrote:

canada goose Just as the 7/10 who describe themselves as such would rather say that, than, for instance « I am a service sector wage slave », (probably the true position in a large proportion of cases, irrespective of income level).

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