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ELLE and BYCO – Designer Nicole Melendez

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Courtesy of Gary Lupton and Studio DSay you’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer, and you’ve just hit upon the kind of blue-moon idea that could get you there: an ingeniousif you do say so yourselfjumpsuit that’s actually user-friendly. How, beyond the old sewing-machine-at-the-kitchen-table routine, are you going to get that jumpsuit onto the women you know would love it? Just hire someone to make a sample (usually for thousands of dollars); find a factory (probably in China); and persuade a retailer to sell it or start your own online shop. Easy, right? – Continue Reading BelowIn the era of feature films edited on iMovie and studio-quality albums recorded with GarageBand, sooner or later someone was bound to find a simpler way. Launched this past spring, BYCO (short for « By Company ») aims to hack the ready-to-wear world by solving the problemsboth financial and logisticalthat can stop a would-be designer in her tracks. Whether you’re an independent designer with your own label who lacks the big orders needed to meet manufacturing minimums, or just a creative type with no clue how to get started, all you need, really, is a very basic drawing. BYCO will handle the rest. »The line between being a designer and starting a small business is really tricky, » says BYCO cofounder Jesse Finkelstein, who knows whereof he speaks: He started in retailing and manufacturing at his New York Citybased women’s and menswear label, JF

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