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moncler outlet online POLICE BRUTALITY at last night’s protest HD moncler outlet online

moncler coats for men I might be wrong, but it seems the context is that the police announced on a megaphone repeatedly that it was an unlawful assembly. They have the right to detain anyone who doesn comply by leaving. They can just detain a whole crowd, and I don think they wanted to stop the peaceful protest, but they had to resort to moncler uk outlet tactics to disperse the crowd. Creating an open street, and then advancing with batons and gear was the way they did that. Their moncler outlet online main goal is to clear the area and protect the businesses. If you didn comply, or came too close to cheap moncler jackets mens police, they would jab you. The students there choose to be there, not comply with orders, and not maintain safe distance from the police as they advanced. They also opted to use rubber bullets and tear gas.I not sure what judgment they used for the rubber bullets. I am being an apologist here, but only in the service of what seems to me to be unbiased truth. I expect that people who got hit with rubber bullets did something to incite such force. I could be wrong and this tactic could be open to criticism. Still it seems those people ran the risk of being there when ordered to disperse.There are more important moncler womens jackets things than moncler sale online your being able to study for finals. Protesting police brutality is one such thing.The idea that we live in a police state moncler outlet woodbury is so far from the moncler outlet sale truth that it is surprising to hear from a student that goes to one of the best schools in the world.If you had been around when Reagan sent in the National Guard to quell the Vietnam protests on Bloody Thursday in 1969, I moncler sale outlet think you might hesitate before saying that. Even there a young kid was killed and over 100 people were injured, some permanently disabled. We don live in a police state that best moncler jackets as bad as, say, China, but that doesn mean there aren serious problems with the American « justice » « system » and « public » « service » « officers. » Take a look at Seth Rosenfeld Subversives: The FBI War on Student Radicals, and Reagan Rise to Power to get a sense of just how deep the fraudulent, deceptive, immoral, and even criminal behavior of government agencies charged with keeping the peace has extended. Rosenfeld is no crank. He spent decades reading hundreds of thousands of pages of records to write that book and fought five FOIA lawsuits with the FBI, which repeatedly (and illegally, a judge determined) denied him access to records.It not an either or scenario where either we live in a police state or we don We live in a society that now tending more and more towards behavior characteristic of police states. The use of cheap moncler sale deadly force persists and officers remain unaccountable, protected by sympathizers in the justice system and unions. More and more frequently, police cheap moncler coats mens departments are acquiring funds for surveillance, drones, and war level battle equipment. This should disturb you.Furthermore, just because a few protesters threw objects at police or broke windows, that does not give the police warrant to respond violently. It gives them reason to arrest those individuals, but not to respond violently to them or to the entirety of the group. If I break the law, that does not entitle the police, or moncler outlet anyone else, to beat the crap out of me. The only situation in which that is permissible is one in which I pose an imminent and significant moncler usa threat to someone life. Tell me how tipping over trash cans, or even breaking a window, is either moncler sale of those things. They deserve arrest but not retaliatory violence.If people act like kids, they will be treated like kids, and I hope everyone involved in this non peaceful protest understands this. The issue has forcefully been mixed with racial issues which due to the nature of race in America, often prevents meaningful dialogue from taking place.Using the hashtag blacklivesmatter simply serves to illustrate this point. By doing this you create a US vs THEM scenario. Police brutality isn a racial issue, and mistreatment of black people isn a police related issue. I care about policy and socio economic cheap moncler jackets issues more than most people, so fuck off, yeah?And the point I was making was that the protestors are conflating two separate issues here, those of police brutality and racial inequality. Doing so weakens both arguments because race is a very prickly topic in the US and often divides people preventing meaningful dialogue. Perhaps if you could take some care to read what I wrote you would see that that uk moncler outlet what I said originally anyway.The idea is to hold law enforcement to, you know, a higher standard. But on second thought it seems like you don know.That moncler outlet prices false. If you posing a threat to yourself or others (setting fires, causing mayhem) they have every discount moncler jackets right to use force to subdue you. »Using force to subdue » someone is not the same as seriously harming, maiming, or killing them. All that is permitted is necessary force. I ask if you really think that, as I said, the police have the right to beat the crap out of me for just any violation of the law whatever. Then read your moncler outlet store words, where you misrepresent what I say. There irony for you. It like you just cheap moncler jackets womens can moncler online store stop yourself. Lmao.And no, all it uk moncler sale involves is doing something like pointing a firearm at someone. Easy. What don you get about resisting on a lower level that makes you think less serious grounds are grounds for hardcore mistreatment by the cops? Oh, that right, you don want your community « shit on, » so you okay with the lesser beings getting roughed up because they had it coming by talking back. What a walking tragedy you are! But thankfully also, on reddit at least, a comedy moncler coats for men.

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