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GeIiophobia u

pants are acronym p25 ds. obviously not for everyone but very fun to experiment with and comfortable Canada Goose Jackets to canadian goose jacket wear. if you have questions about canada goose jacket outlet the canada goose outlet online functionality i would be happy to go more in depth.

« something something techwear isn’t streetwear »

this is a rabbit hole we canada goose outlet black friday could go down for hours. in my eyes streetwear is canada goose outlet toronto factory a massive umbrella term that encompasses techwear and as it stands now the subreddit recognizes it as a subsection. if you take canada goose coats issue with that being the case i would save your uk canada goose outlet comments here and canada goose black friday sale message the mods as they would be in charge of any systemic changes relating to what can be posted here.

« hey who took this great photo? »

great question. it canada goose outlet parka was the incredibly talentedJCBDoesGaming 107 points submitted 5 months ago

The sub has started to fill with accounts that have been bought, you can canada goose outlet sale see in their profile that they haven been posting for several months. They keep trying to promote their shitty sites so the new queue is filled with stupid canada goose store shit all day, just take a look at some of the things that are posted here, really vague stuff like buying this is it Streetwear or goose outlet canada straight up just telling the product buy canada goose jacket name Jordan 4 Kaws accounts that re trying canada goose clearance sale to get karma by mass posting like 3 4 things in a row.

Also the only thing that is upvoted Canada Goose sale are the guys that look like they live in an apocalyptic world, looking like straight ninjas, people also keep asking the same questions over and over without using the search bar, there are a lot of insanely vague questions a hoodie that is worth it, max $150. just bought canada goose outlet uk sale these, what should I wear with it it just starts to become canada goose so annoying.

Also the girls trying to get upvotes and the shitstorm it creates every fucking time.

I don understand how you got that from what I wrote, I not saying that canada goose clearance whatever Canada Goose Outlet they are wearing is bad canada goose black friday sale or it looks bad, canada goose outlet shop I just Canada Goose Coats On Sale saying that the things that seem to be upvoted look Canada Goose online the same, it my personal opinion that they look like ninja but I not giving them hate canada goose uk shop for it.

As for girls, again, not talking cheap canada goose uk shit about buy canada goose jacket cheap them either, maybe saying to get upvotes is the wrong wording but it seems that every time a girl get upvoted to the front page the comments are a cesspool of people saying because of girl and what not.

I don even downvote fit posts, I don like a lot of the fits that are posted and canada goose outlet canada frequent the front canada goose outlet page but other people might.

GeIiophobia 1 point Canada Goose Parka submitted 6 months ago

I know a girl who wears colored contacts and a pair of glasses without canada goose uk black friday any lenses in them, I don think too much about it. One of my friends wears his grandpa frame without lenses from time to canada goose outlet new york city time since he passed away. I really don think anyone should be judging anyone for this.

I wear glasses and contacts however I like to wear non prescribed glasses for looks while wearing my contacts. Something about canada goose outlet in usa taking out my contacts just to put on my canada goose factory sale prescription glasses annoys me along with the other minor annoyances of glasses.

For Vans/Converse smart look obviously you need Vans or Converse so some simple black/white old skools or black/white Converse would be good. Then you need canada goose outlet online uk cropped/nice fitting pants, a popular, cheap suggestion are the Uniqlo ankle length pants canada goose outlet jackets or get some cheap pants from Goodwill/Thrift uk canada goose and then alter Canada Goose Online them at a tailor (Uniqlo has an in store tailoring service). You could get some high socks from canada goose factory outlet Uniqlo for pretty cheap canada goose coats on sale too. I also suggest maybe a black leather belt if you canada goose uk outlet be tucking your tops in a lot, those don have to be canada goose outlet uk expensive or high quality and can be found a lot of places.

As for tops you could buy some boxy fit shirts from the Uniqlo U line(I just sound like a Uniqlo ad now), sometimes there cool stuff at H canada goose outlet store it just depends on what you find you like. I suggest that while you still trying to perfect a certain style that you don spend a lot so you don end up wasting an unnecessary amount of money official canada goose outlet like I did when I started off.

Depending on your height/weight you can find a canada goose outlet reviews lot of good stuff thrifting for canada goose outlet nyc super cheap that you can experiment with so always consider thrift stores an option. cheap Canada Goose Once you learn what you like you can canada goose outlet store uk move on from putting basic, clean outfits together and start getting statement pieces from brands like Palace, Supreme, etc.

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