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No. This sentiment needs to just die already. All these shit pricks claiming ai discrimination this and ai discrimination that know fuck all about how these ais work. 4 points submitted 9 days agoI a second year PhD student, and one of my colleagues is about to defend his PhD thesis which consists of several years worth of failures to synthesize a natural product. While he didn complete the molecule, all of his failed experiments taught us something. There value in failure, and it can help steer you in the right direction as you learn from each failed experiment.

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best hermes replica Before Nebraska and Colorado left (or the late 00s, really), the Big 12 was known more for being a run first conference, where competent defense was often played. Texas Tech under Mike Leach was the outlier, but his assistants eventually spread across the conference.One example is Oklahoma State. Under Gundy, they ran a balance offense out of the I formation his first several years as head coach, but he transitioned over, cementing the change by hiring Dana Holgorsen in 2010.At the time, those high scoring games were laughed at, to the point high quality hermes replica that Big 12 teams had trouble gaining credibility as genuine championship threats. best hermes replica

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