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tangling the passenger belt from the driver’s side when it snapped out of my hand and lodged itself under the parking brake

Thought I should drop in and clear up a few things I see in other comments:The safety ratchet engaged because I tried to catch the cheap moncler jackets womens belt. Attempts to free the uk moncler outlet belt only made this worse. Believe me, the belt at this point is like a damned bowstring.Towing is free. I figured uk moncler sale I let the pros deal with it.I had nothing to cut the belt with anyway. I heard a story (admittedly from a Porsche owner) that belts are expensive, moncler outlet so I was too cheap moncler jackets mens paranoid to do that anyway. I heard a story (admittedly from a Porsche owner) that belts are expensive, so I was too paranoid to do that anyway. I figured I let the pros deal with it.Good call. At the very best, if you cut the belt, the moncler sale have to replace it. Which is at least the cheap moncler coats mens same amount of work as removing the existing belt and putting it back moncler online store in but you don need to buy moncler uk outlet a new belt. However, the belt deflects up through a moncler outlet sale guide on the discount moncler jackets seat back. That means the belt is not taking the shortest path.Removing moncler outlet woodbury the seat would definitely provide slack because the belt would no longer be deflecting up over moncler sale online the seat. However, it would probably be easier moncler womens jackets to unbolt the seat belt end. The question is, can the seat be moved in such a way that the guide on the seat is closer to the imaginary line between mount and brake handle? Hard to judge from a picture, but if the seat was moved forward and reclined that might do the trick. You only need cheap moncler sale a little bit of slack to allow the seatbelt inertia lock to unlock.Of course, it seems unlikely that the inertia lock moncler outlet store would trigger in this case anyway.It doesn look too dissimilar to a rolled up canvas strap moncler usa that people use to tie things onto the roof or a trailer etc, with a metal ratcheting thing to tighten it down.You might not be able to just buy one from off the shelf at Halfords, but actual installation wouldn be too hard. Not much moncler outlet prices money to buy the right sockets and a ratcheting wrench and maybe an extender for a socket. You find where the seat connects and undo maybe 15 bolts tops to remove the seat and belt. Probably two different size sockets needed.It’s worth going to your local hardware store and just asking to take a socket to to moncler outlet your car to test the size if you don’t know.Getting a mechanic to do it costs more in labor than moncler outlet online just buying the tools to do it yourself.If the motor malfunction or driver action cause moncler sale outlet the motor to activate, That could pull the strap out of your hand, as described and apply enough sideways force to best moncler jackets the hand brake to make it hard to move.Second possibility it’s the shape of the handbrake design cheap moncler jackets see how the video car’s on is totally different and can move unobstructed? In that car even with a strongly pulling cable, you should be able to use the lever action to push it down. In OP’s monclerdownjacket car the belt is being pulled under the lever against the console. That could totally stop you from being able to push the lever down far enough to move.

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